Ray Nichels and his two Nichels Engineering Pontiacs are preparing to set a series of Stock Car world speed records (which still stand) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on November 20, 1961. Both cars had Catalina badges on the front fenders, but while the red car on the left was a hardtop the black car [right] was a '62 Police Enforcer post coupe (sold by Pontiac as a cruiser to law enforcement agencies across the country). The black car had the doors painted white to resemble a police car, and Nichels added a blinking red light on the roof for visibility during the night. The effort was originally scheduled to start on November 16th but was delayed by weather, and the cars can in rain and sleet before the runs ended. (photo: High Performance Pontiac Magazine; [Nichels archives photo.] http://www.highperformancepontiac.com/features/hppp_0804_ray_nichels_pontiac_engineering/photo_01.html )